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Started in 2019 by media and television analyst idreas tahir, blog https://taarakmehtakaooltah.com/ is the first online information portal which deeply analysed the Television Trends and interactive portrayal of facts and latest news service focusing on the Indian television and media business. Its user base has evolved over the last one year; It is India’s favourite online media, advertising, marketing and satellite television resource for latest updates and actual figures.

This light-hearted, easy-to-read, entertaining and naughty website focuses on the ultimate TV and 80 mm fan base as well as the entertainment industry. A host of addictive, fun sections such as Quick, Guess Who, Gossip, Spot the Difference, Did You know all ensure that this is a welcome diversion for all who enjoy television and cinema.

The latest news, snippets and videos add to the wealth of this growing website.
This is a site that never sleeps and is updated daily.