Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 26th March 2020 Written Episode

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Devguru breaks in the wake of thinking about Bhavini’s actual face and her malicious arrangement. He chooses to shield Iti from Bhavini and feels remorseful for his mix-up of falling in Bhavini’s snare. He exits yelling Bhavini.. Abir reveals to Bhavini that he has fixed a business arrangement and sent customers to basic food item room, she should simply sign papers. Bhavini says let individuals perform sthapana, they will grow their business. Devguru gets some information about Bhavini who illuminate that she is in basic food item room. He heads towards basic food item room and hears Bhavini’s customer supplementing her for tricking Devguru and redirecting ashram’s entire riches. Bhavini says she appreciated tricking a researcher and holy person Devguru. Customer leaves saying we will meet frequently once more. Abir celebrates with alcohol. Bhavini requests that he cover Iti’s dad’s dead body soon as they couldn’t last time because of police assault, they should conceal proof before it is out.

Devguru indignantly enters yelling a Bhavini and indicating video on versatile says he knows it all at this point. Bhavini strained stammers its a phony video. Abir says video is phony, however bargain is genuine. Devguru inquires as to for what reason did she manage Iti’s sibling Om, made her mom’s 3D image, murdered Iti’s dad, and so forth.; he confided in her so much, yet sold out him; he won’t let her ruin little Iti’s life and will open her fact to everybody. She argues him not to, yet he strolls towards entryway. She hits his head from behind. He contacts his head and seeing blood gets progressively furious and strangulates her colloquialism she demonstrated her fact finally. Abir attempts to hit Devguru, however Devguru overwhelms him and holding him in his foot asks Bhavini to illuminate entire world that she made this unadulterated ashram a damnation place. Bhavini breakdown. Abir liberates himself and assaults Devguru. Devguru overwhelms him. Their battle begins. Bhavini’s manikins get Devguru, yet he overwhelms them and punches Abir more than once saying ‘sorry’. Iti. Bhavini from behind wounds him over and again and he tumbles down.

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