Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th March 2020 Written Episode

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The Episode begins with Junaid tossing out Tabeezi out of the house. Rubina/Tabeezi asks him not to do this. Junaid closes the entryway all over. Rubina sits crying and sees her infant Farah. She embraces Farah and says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about that Junaid had a spouse and youngsters, else I would have never hitched him, you would lack destitute. Junaid plays with his youngsters. He gets all the property of Nawab. He repudiated Rubina. He gives her an old house to remain. He says our kids will never observe destitution.

Dadi leaves the house and sees the Jinn hand mark on the house. Junaid’s administrator discloses to her beginning and end about Junaid and Jinn’s arrangement, his wrongdoing to leave Nawab’s girl in the lake. Dadi says I won’t let anything happen to Aman. Junaid takes Aman to offer him to the Jinn. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi follow him to spare Aman. Junaid was prepared to do anything for cash. Junaid accepts Aman and gets out the Jinn by reciting the spell Markab… .. The Jinn comes to take Aman. Everybody gets stunned. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi cry and realize that Jinn won’t get shot by the slug. They figure who will shoot Junaid. Parveen says there is no other way, I lost my better half, I can’t lose my child.

Parveen asks Phupi to shoot. She says I m only a mum at this point. She takes Phupi’s weapon. Nobody realized that Parveen is likewise a Jinn. Dadi and Parveen shoot at Junaid. He gets stunned seeing his family. Dadi shoots at Jinn to spare Aman. She cries. Rubina comes there and takes shots at the Jinn. Jinn vanishes. Junaid and everybody get stunned.

Rubina says no weapon of the world chips away at Jinnat with the exception of the slugs made by iron and gold. She made such unique projectiles in her workshop. Aman holds Junaid. Junaid makes him wear his chain. He says render my retribution Aman, don’t leave my killers. He cries and embraces Aman. He yells Ammi. Dadi races to him. She holds him. Dadi inquires as to for what reason did you commit this error, it destroyed numerous lives. Junaid says I have done numerous wrongdoings, however I thoroughly took care of my family, I had pursued all life cash, I got the cash and needed to leave the world. She says no. He says spare me, I would prefer not to pass on. He bites the dust in her lap. Dadi and Aman cry. Tabeezi comes and takes Aman. They all cover Junaid in the back yard. Dadi says nobody will think about it, this mystery is simply between us. They see the tree leaves tumbling down and consuming by the dark smoke. FB closes. Roshni and Aman didn’t have the foggiest idea about that their destiny has composed their story since their introduction to the world.

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